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Where To Buy CBD Oil

CBD Project is an educational site. We do not sell cannabis products. However, we do provide information on the growing number of CBD-rich oils, creams, and other cannabis products. CBD Project is not remunerated from sales of any products or click-through views of products.

As CBD oil becomes more and more popular, more and more people are trying to figure out where they should buy the best CBD oil for their needs.

There are many types of CBD oil products and where you buy it depends on whether your local stores or online stores carry the kind of product you want.

Before you buy CBD oil, here are a few important questions to ask:

  • What am I using CBD for?
    Are you using CBD therapeutically? For dietary supplementation?
  • What is the best way to take/use CBD?
    There are several powerful delivery systems that you can use for optimal results. The drops are by far the most concentrated form of CBD because you are getting in sublingually (under the tongue). There’s a 98% absorption rate with the tincture drops because the CBD gets absorbed right into the bloodstream. However, if you are looking for skin care, there’s also a wide range of CBD skin care products.
  • What dosage should I start with?
    COR Standard is 25mg CBD twice a day, but this is only a suggested serving size. Have you used cannabinoid products before? Are you caring for someone who might desire larger quantities? Check: Dosages and CBD safe at high doses for more.
  • How many milligrams do I want?
    Do I want CBD in its rawest natural form (isolated) or full spectrum CBD 750mg or 500mg concentration?

Order the Purest, Organic, Non GMO, 100% Natural Ingredients, Full Spectrum and CO2 Extracted CBD Oil available on the market.

For guidance on choosing your cannabis products, click here.

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