Antibiotic Resistance

CBD for Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

The discovery of the antibiotic drugs back in 1928 was nothing less than a revolution in the healthcare industry. The production and utilization of such antibiotics were already increasing rapidly by the end of the World War II. However, such an excessive consumption of these drugs have majorly changed the scenario of today.

As per the recent report by Center for Disease Control (CDC), around half of the antibiotic prescriptions are being made without necessity in the United States of America. As per another report of World Health Organization (WHO), the impact of such an overconsumption of antibiotics is catastrophic, to say the least. Common bacteria are now evolving and generating resistance against a myriad of such commonly used antibiotics.

Impact of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Impact of Antibiotic Resistant BacteriaThe catastrophe is better understood by the statistic that claims at least 2 million Americans suffering from an infection with antibiotic resistance on a yearly basis. As per the estimate, at least 23,000 of such victims have died due to it.

If the issue is not dealt with properly, the number of fatalities are sure to be increased in the years to come. The good news, though, is that nature already has an answer for us as far as such drug-resistant bacteria and infections are concerned.

Research of CBD againts Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Research of CBD againts Antibiotic Resistant BacteriaThanks to the research made by British and Italian researchers, it has now been proven that CBD as an ingredient of Marijuana has a built-in capacity to fight against such drug-resistant bacteria and is, therefore, highly effective as a cure for such infections.

At least six of such major resistant bacteria have been tested against CBD and fortunately enough, in all of the cases, CBD hemp oil turned out to be much more effective against such antibiotic-resistant bacteria than any other drug that is available in the pharmacies. This has now been claimed as the very purpose of Cannabis in nature by the scientists.

Antimicrobial defenses by Cannabidiol

Antimicrobial defenses by CannabidiolIt has been further elaborated that CBD has to be applied topically in order to get the most out of it. These antimicrobial defenses as offered by CBD are highly effective and specific in killing the drug-resistant bacteria and curing the consequently produced infection.

What this implies is that hemp plant that fails to offer any sort of a recreational use can now be utilized for the purpose of developing potent antibiotics against such infections and bacteria in a cost effective manner. CBD can turn out to be a cure that is both effective and affordable for the patient.

Drug development based on CBD

Drug development based on CBDTaking the above-mentioned information into consideration, it won’t be wrong to conclude that CBD has now been proven as an effective strategy against a myriad of antibiotic resistant bacteria. The final phase of developing the CBD drugs against such infections, however, includes getting the approval by the government to publicize CBD.

Although that may seem to be a difficult task to accomplish, considering the benefits that it has to offer to the patients of infectious diseases and the consequent casualties every year, it is likely that CBD will get an approval as a functional drug for such patients in the years to come.

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